Tips eliminating spicy taste

Many people like spicy food, but they do not understand how to cope with the spicy flavor. Here are some foods that can relieve hot :
1. Milk
The fat content of milk can neutralize the spicy flavor. In addition to milk any more like other products, such as cheese and yogurt.   

2. Rice
Eat a few spoonfuls of rice can reduce the spicy taste. Grain of rice can absorb the spicy taste in the mouth.

3. Sugar  
Granular sugar can reduce the burning sensation / spicy in the mouth.

4. Fruit Juice
Spicy taste can make sense of dizziness and dehydration. Immediately drink fruit juice to neutralize the taste spicy and relieve dizziness in the head.

5. Lemon
Lime is believed to cool the mouth of the burn from spicy flavor.

6. Peanut Butter
Such as with milk, peanut butter contains a lot of fat that can neutralize the spicy taste in the mouth.