Be careful commented on facebook

A professor in Bangladesh, Jahangirnagar University sued the prosecutor on charges of unpleasant acts. Ruhul Khandakar is a lecturer who sued the prosecutor for his comments on facebook contain about insults against Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.
The court also sentenced six months in jail at Jahangirnagar University teachers are, for not respecting the court after he repeatedly does not meet the subpoena to explain the sentence that he put on Facebook.
Hearing not attended Khandakar, being schools in Australia.
He wrote a statement after the death of renowned filmmaker Bangladesh, Tareq Masud in a traffic accident last year. "Tareq Masud died because the government gives to the driver's license that is not good to drive. Many died, but why not Sheikh Hasina who died?" comments, as quoted from court officials.
Comments are uploaded by Khandakar of Australia has been deleted.