Floods hit Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Thursday 5 January 2012, still the atmosphere of the new year, the state of Rio de Janeiro hit by devastating floods. 35,000 residents evacuate. On Thursday night heavy rain area. Emergency teams a maximum standby to assist the residents. These rains caused landslides in fear like a year ago that killed 900 people, at that time people were still in a state of sleep.
Residents rushed to collect personal belongings and evacuated to the Tres Vendas, Campos de Goytacazes, in the north of the state, after the levee collapse, which causes water to flow into the streets.

Emergency officials revealed in 1000 family Tres Vendas evacuate to shelters. The officers were trying to make the stones block the flood.

Local media reported there were eight people died after floods hit the region of Minas Gerais. A pensioner killed while trying to rescue his personal belongings in a flood-stricken town in northeastern Rio de Janeiro. And 87 other cities were declared a state of emergency to remain alert against floods and landslides.