Raffael Nadal Want to Marry Next Year, Is it true?

The Eve enthusiast Rafael Nadal seems to have to get ready for heartbreak. Nadal was widely rumored to be married to her boyfriend in 2012.

In contrast to the adventures of Nadal in the tennis courts are always a spotlight, the man Spanish romance is far from public attention.

So maybe there who do not know if Nadal had tethered her to a woman who became his mistress since 2005. His name is Maria Francisca Perello.

Maria itself is not a tennis player or coming from the celebrity. He is mentioned is studying business management and English literature in London, England.

Well, after six years of a relationship with Mary, Nadal reportedly ready to take it to the next level. Rumors were circulating in a number of fast growing Internet posting by the year 2011 ends.

Mentioned Deccan Chronicle, a man 25 years was planning to tie the promise, as lively as dead with Mary at his home in Mallorca, with a party attended by family and close friends only.
source : detiksport.com