Aceh tsunami victims little girl came home, after 7 years of lost

Wati, 15 years old, a resident of Lr Sangkis, Baroh Ujong Village, District Johan Heroes West Aceh, Aceh province, which disappeared when the tsunami hit December 26, 2004, returned to her parents.Grandfather Wati in Meulaboh, Ibrahim, said his grandson had disappeared when she was eight years old when the tragedy of the tsunami hit Aceh December 26, 2004."I have no doubt that he is my grandson. Because of the characteristics already we see the similarity of my grandchildren with the tsunami waves swept away seven years ago," he said, Wednesday, December 21, 2011.Ibrahim said Wati has been lost and wandered down to the area of ​​North Aceh and Aceh Besar. Wati not know where their parents because of the trauma and fear still haunts the girl's feelings.Ibrahim said the girl with the crew cut was originally arrived at the bus terminal from the city of Meulaboh, Banda Aceh. Wati then sat in a coffee shop Simpang Pellet.That's when local residents who thought the blue scarf girls are begging to ask its origin. However Wati silent. Soon Wati only mention the name of his grandfather who lived in the city of Meulaboh."When people asked, he only remembered my name. Then there are our citizens directly deliver him into the house. Then I immediately called his parents who survived the tsunami first time," explains Ibrahim.Parents Wati, Yusniar, 35, and M Yunus, 43, Wati is ensuring their child. Because, Wati have moles, and scars on her eyelids when she was six years with him."It's true my child when I asked he had a brother named Yuli and a sister when she was 7 years old. His sister had survived, but he lost was brought the tsunami waves," said Yusniar in his parents house.Though Yusniar not sure if her second child was still alive after the tsunami waves brought fierce currents. But after seeing the traits, innate as well as the child's resemblance to his father's face, Yusniar be sure.Wati family sobs shattering Baroh Ujong Village residents. Society flocked to see Wati. After seven years rimbanya unknown, Wati was still alive. He traveled the world because they do not know to go home."I am not looking for my son from the first, but I'm not sure if he's still alive since that time (tsunami) he was out of my hand. While my brother and sister had bolt," said Yusniar.
source: from yahoo