Facebook the most popular in 2011

The term of the most sought after and most visited site in 2011?. Facebook answers. Nearly half of the ten top search term is always contained the name 'facebook' like 'facebook login', 'facebook.com', and 'www.facebook.com', this is the third year in succession that the world's largest social networks become the term most searchable. > Research from Experian Hitwise states that among 10 of the term, "facebook login" is the number three most-searched in 2011, followed by the "facebook.com" at number five and "www.facebook.com" at number eight. Experian Hitwise found that the results of a survey of Internet users in the United States during the year 2011. What about Indonesia which is the Facebook users in the world's number two? The following list of 10 most visited websites during 2011 in the USA: 
 1. Facebook 2. YouTube 3. Facebook Login 4. Craigslist 5. Facebook.com 6. Yahoo 7. EBay
8 .www.facebook.com 9. MapQuest 10. Yahoo.com