Causes of hair loss

Various methods are used women to get a perfect crown. Not infrequently, due to several factors, you will be scrambling to find that your hair slowly fall out. If you have this, baldness is a very avoidable.
In addition to medical factors such as the use of the shampoo with excessive chemicals, gene variants, and menopause, there are also other factors that result from poor lifestyle, diet, and stress. Three things are medically proven to be the cause of baldness.

Smoking is a significant factor affecting the health of your hair. Told Reuters, Lin-Hui Su of the Far Eastern Memorial Hospital and Tony Hsiu-Hsi Chen of National Taiwan University in Taipei suggested that smoking may interfere with your hair follicles and interfere with blood and hormone circulation to the scalp. Medical research has also been proved long ago that there were about four thousand toxic chemicals that circulate in your body when you smoke a cigarette, naturally healthy scalp and hair is one of the targets of their attacks.
Seeing the bad effects of smoking on one of the vital parts of your body is, it's time you quit smoking now. Because not only a hair's health is back to normal, release the cigarette out of life is the best way to avoid physical illness 'heavyweight' in both the short term and long term.
Poor Diet 

Like other parts of your body, hair also requires adequate nutrition to make it grow healthy. Lack of good nutrition to the hair causing slow hair growth effects.
Stop Hairloss Now recommends fruits and various kinds of foods that contain vitamin A, B6, B12 and C. Foods that contain vitamin A will help the development of natural cells in the body, including hair and scalp. Fruits are red, yellow, and orange classified as foods that contain vitamin A, along with fish oil, whole milk, and eggs.
Intake of vitamins B6 and B12 for the body is also good in adding to your hair health. The function of this type of vitamin B is to make normal red blood cells berformasi thus easily carry oxygen to your hair. Need we point out, the hair healthy and strong depends of how good the blood supply and oxygen to your scalp and hair. Chicken, fish, corn, wheat, and soy beans are foods that contain vitamin B variant.
Vitamin C deficiency can cause hair to break easily, because the fact of foods containing vitamin C is essential in producing collagen, a network that connects every cell in the body structure, including the hair. Eat plenty of oranges, tomatoes, pepper, and dark green leafy vegetables to get more vitamin C intake.
Stress triggers too

It turned out that psychologically, your hair can also feel the impact. Daniel K. Hall-Flavin, M.D. from the Mayo Clinic with the firmly stated that stress and hair loss is a strong relationship.
There are three types of hair loss diurainya; alopecia areata, which happens when you stress and trigger the white blood cells attack the hair follicles thereby stopping hair growth, and telogen effluvium which of the trigger hair growth, but at the resting phase of the scalp, so that in the long term , when you are combing, hair falling easily. The latter is trichotillomania, a condition when you can not resist pulling his own hair so the hair will fall out directly.

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